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Amma with Mangalanarayani

Amma with Mangalanarayani

Sri Narayani Peedam

Sri Narayani Peedam

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Sri Narayani Society

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Sri Narayani society is a divine initiative established to spread Amma’s mission globally.  With blessings from Sri Sakthi Amma, Sri Narayani Society strives to create awareness and share t...

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Sri Sakthi Amma

Sri Sakthi Amma

Birth: Sri Sakthi Amma was born on the 3rd of January 1976, to Smt. Jyothiamma and Shri. Nanda Gopal. It was evident from birth that this child was divine and very special. A distinct divine ...

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Sri Narayani Peedam

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Thirumalaikodi is the seat of Sri Narayani who protects the entire universe from this very place, the blessed land inhabited by great sages and saints.  Malaikodi, Malai (mountain), Kodi (end)...

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Sripuram - The Spiritual Oasis

Sripuram, the abode of Goddess Sri Lakshmi Narayani is aptly named as the spiritual oasis and is an architectural marvel.  Sri Sakthi Amma initiated the construction of the Golden Temple in th... Read more on Sripuram more


Social Service

Sri Sakthi Amma has initiated more than 34 different social service projects in various spheres of the society

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Sripuram Information Center

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