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On an auspicious day, the 16-year-old child on the way to School was commuting in a bus, sitting by the window gazing towards the sky.  Suddenly, a ray of energy emerged from the child’s body, projected on the sky and formed an image of Goddess Narayani.  Goddess Narayani was adorned in white, holding the 'Sanku’ (Conch) in her left hand and the 'Chakra' (Wheel) in her right.  A Lotus Flower was held in her third hand, while the fourth hand was held up in a gesture of blessing.  After the form was revealed, it disappeared and the ray of energy returned into the child.  It must be distinctly noted here that the energy went out from the child and returned after the form had been revealed.

On the Eighth of May, 1992, Sri Sakthi Amma proclaimed to the people the avatar of Goddess Sri Narayani and the purpose.  Since then, the saga of miracles and social uplift has continued unabated and shall go.